ministry Formation courses

Schedule for 2022-2023

Tuesdays  |  9:30 – 11:30 Am

Location: The Foundry Room @ Fourth Reformed Church – Grand Rapids, MI

Pastoral Care – Dr. Richelle White

How do we walk with and care for those in our churches who need the love, grace, and truth of Jesus? This course explores how to cultivate the skills and character needed to minister to those in our congregations and contexts.
Dates: Sept 13, 27, and Oct 11


Sex, the Gospel, & Contemporary Culture – Dr. Branson Parler

This course examines and explores the big stories/myths of contemporary secular culture and church culture around bodies, sex, marriage, and singleness. In contrast with these stories, the gospel story offers an alternative that shapes both singleness and marriage in the church, and does so in a way that shapes our witness to Jesus in a secular age.
Dates: Oct 25, Nov 8, 29, and Dec 13


Church History for the Church – Dr. Jeff Fisher

How does knowing the story of the church in ages past help us confront our challenges and opportunities today? This course explores key points of church history with a view toward how the church’s past history can help us better respond to questions and struggles of our day.
Dates: Jan 17, 31, Feb 14, 28


Power and the Church: Politics and Culture

Christianity in America has become highly politicized. How should we understand the relationship between the church and politics? This course explores the calling of the individual Christian and collective body of Christ in relation to our broader culture, particularly questions of power and politics.
Dates: Mar 14, 28, and Apr 11


Power and the Church: Building a Culture of Redemptive Power

The abuse of power by church leaders is well documented. This course explores how we can develop individuals and church cultures that avoid abuse and promote internal cultures of transparency and redemptive power in the way of Jesus.
Dates: Apr 25, May 9, 23

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