A Biblical and Practical Theology of Sabbath 

Sept. 7 – Oct. 15

This session explores biblical, theological, and practical dimensions of Sabbath rhythms of life, connecting our doctrine of God with our actual practice of rest and work. We’re going to pay particular attention to how pastors and church leaders can incorporate Sabbath rhythms of life into their personal life and ministry contexts.

Book: Keeping The Sabbath Wholly by Marva Dawn

Meeting dates: Sept. 14, 28, Oct. 12 (9:30am – 11:30am @ Fourth Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, MI)

Telling and Living God’s Story in Our Lives 

Oct. 18 – Dec. 10

Book: Confessions by St. Augustine

How do we tell the truth about who we are? How do we narrate our own lives in such a way that ultimately points others to Jesus? We will learn with Augustine how to tell our own stories in ways that draw others to Jesus and invite them to see their own lives through the lens of Scripture. 

Meeting Dates: Oct. 26, Nov. 9, Dec. 7

Emotionally Healthy Ministry

Jan. 10 – Feb. 25

What does it mean to be an emotionally healthy leader? In this session, we’ll work together to develop key components for building emotional and spiritual health into the life of leaders of the church.

Book: The Emotionally Healthy Leader by Peter Scazzero

Meeting Dates: Jan. 18, Feb. 1, Feb. 15

Cultivating Character

Feb. 26 – Apr. 5

In order to understand ourselves and those to whom we are called to serve, we need the complex language of character, virtues, and vices. This course uses the concepts and tools of virtue ethics to help us name our sin and develop concrete strategies to walk by the Spirit. 

Book: Glittering Vices by Rebecca Konyndyk-DeYoung

Dates: Mar 1, 15, and 29

All courses facilitated by Jeff Fisher and Branson Parler, and may include other guest faculty as well. 

Cost: $200/session or approximately $100/month

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