The Foundry is committed to training ministry leaders in a way that is biblically and theologically rooted, practically oriented, and connected to the local church.

Unique Ministry Formation

  • The Foundry is committed to ministry formation that is church-centered rather than school-centered and uses holistic, apprenticeship models of learning. 
  • Our ministry formation life pods are for those who are actively serving in some capacity in their church or ministry context. We encourage people of all ages and roles in their church to participate!  
  • Our time together centers around Scripture, theology, core ministry skills, personal spiritual formation, and cultural engagement. 
  • Every subject is approached from a formational and contextual lens.

Learning Format

  • Cohort learning: small group participatory style of learning in an informal setting. 
  • Mixture of reading, discussion, and reflection in a conversational context. 
  • Meet in person regularly with other resources available online. This pace enables sustainable involvement in ministry and in the learning cohort. 
  • Each session of learning is about 8 weeks long. We meet 3-4 times, 2 hours per meeting, over those 8 weeks. On each theme, we read and discuss one book together, with a focus on absorbing and applying what we learn. 


  • The Foundry offers a Certificate in Ministry Foundations for those who complete 6 sessions and a Certificate of Ministry Formation for those who complete 12 sessions. 
  • These types of badges are increasingly used in professional contexts to recognize competency and demonstrate an active approach to learning, engagement, and ongoing development.


The cost is $200/session, which amounts to approximately $100/month. We encourage participants to invite their churches to partner with them in meeting the financial cost.

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