We are a community of learning, committed to Jesus and the church

Your church’s leaders need ongoing training in order to faithfully fulfill their calling. The Foundry strengthens and supports church leaders at every level with biblical and practical training.

Our Learning Communities

Join us in discovering the fire of God’s presence that will enable you to flourish in the foundry of life and ministry.

For Lay Leaders

Church Leaders Training

The Foundry offers multi-church workshops where lay leaders (elders and deacons) can be trained in key areas, including character, knowledge, skills, and responsibilities. We also offer customized lay leader workshops that focus specifically on your church’s needs.

For Pastors, Staff, and Lay Leaders

Institutes of Ministry Leadership

Since not everyone can attend or afford seminary (whether in-person or online), we bring seminary-level training to the local church. The Foundry offers this training in accessible ways and sustainable rhythms. 

For Ministry Staff and Leaders

Ministry Formation Cohorts

These cohorts are places of connection, learning, support, and growth. We focus on holistic formation that embraces the realities of life and ministry. This community of learning is typically for those serving in ministry who have already received some biblical and theological training.

For Pastors, Leaders, & Congregations

Customized Workshops

The Foundry offers workshops of varying lengths and with varying groups. A group of pastors may learn together over the course of a year or an entire church leadership team may spend a few hours together to focus on specific areas of church life and ministry.

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