Accessible Ministry Training
for Leaders at Every Level

You want to be an effective leader in your church, but…

…you feel like you don’t have the right tools to be a board member, elder, deacon, or church leader.

…when you try to learn on your own, it’s hard to keep up and you have nowhere to go with questions.

…you don’t want training that’s irrelevant because it’s not connected to your local church.

We’re forging a new way that works for today’s church.


Real life ministry is messy. You need theological truth to engage with that messiness. The Foundry gives you training that you can apply right away.


We adapt to your needs and time constraints, not the other way around. We offer workshops, retreats, individual classes, and multi-week courses.


Pastors, we’d love to work with you to create training that’s specifically for your leaders. Together, we will create the program that your church needs.


Let’s have a conversation about how The Foundry can help you and your church.

We get ittraining church leaders is hard.

We are passionate about making biblical and practical training more accessible to churches.

Jeff Fisher, Ph.D.

Professor of Theology
Director of Spiritual Formation

Sarah Behm

Innovation Catalyst
Director of Hospitality

Branson Parler, Ph.D.

Professor of Theology
Director of Theological Education

How it works

1. Contact us

We’d love to meet over coffee or Zoom. We’re good listeners, and we’d love to hear about the needs of your church.

2. Collaborate and learn

As we get to know you and your church, we’ll create training for you or let you know when The Foundry has an opportunity you might benefit from. 

3. Thrive as a leader

As you serve in ministry with a deeper theological understanding, you’ll be better equipped to raise up disciples and serve the church.

Why “The Foundry”?

A foundry is a metals workshop. It’s hands-on, dirty, and even a bit dangerous. You don’t passively learn in a foundry—you get into the heat.  

When naming our ministry, we kept returning to the image of God’s refining fire. When you learn with The Foundry, our hope and prayer is that you experience that fire, and that God uses The Foundry to mold you into the church leader he created you to be.